Crossing Canada

Looking for travel? To start the year off right, here's the inspiring story of Thomas, our Web developer, who realized one of his biggest dreams with his partner: to work while traveling more than 10,000 kilometers by motorized vehicle. Do you want to do it too? Then read on to find out all the details of Thomas' Roadmap project. Hoff we go!

Traveling first leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta

Roadmap Project: Thomas' 3 biggest challenges

With strong arguments and careful preparation, Thomas presented his project to the team, who were enthusiastic. But not all companies are open to such flexibility. Your job allows you to work remotely, but your company is a bit reluctant? Here are the main challenges Thomas faced to help you develop a compelling proposal!

1. Continue to work as if you were in the office in a special context

For a web developer, reliable access to the Internet is a prerequisite. Fortunately, nowadays, this is no longer mission impossible. Thanks to Wiftech, Thomas had a high speed 4G/LTE Wifi connection throughout his adventure across Canada!
And on the rare occasions when the network was weak, all he had to do was go to Tim Hortons for a coffee!


The Internet was not the only technical challenge. Indeed, Thomas also had to equip Hervé, his faithful four-wheeled travel companion. At the beginning, he had some doubts (Thomas, not Hervé):

  • Will the motorhome hold up?
  • Will I have the Internet all the time?
  • Will all the batteries of the equipment hold?

After much research, Thomas fitted Hervé with solar panels and deep cycle batteries. But Hervé is not the only one to have adapted to the situation. Indeed, Thomas and his partner were forced to reduce their energy consumption by limiting the length of their showers and the use of electronics outside of work.
That said, Thomas never ran out of battery power for his laptop, phone or 4G antenna!

Thomas' project was not affected by the pandemic environment. After all, the great Canadian outdoors is ideal for social distancing! And all the travelers he met during his trip were respectful of sanitary measures.

Essential preparation
A project like the Roadmap requires preparation. A year was necessary to organize and finalize all the details of the project:

  • September 2020: start of the preparations
  • December 2020: acceptance of the project
  • January 2021: purchase of Hervé, Thomas' motorhome
  • First 5 months of 2021: work inside the caravan, installation of battery systems and equipment for internet access
  • June 2021: planned departure date, delayed by mechanical problems on the vehicle
  • Mid-July to end of September: Roadmap project

2. Crossing all the provinces of Canada

The objective of Roadmap: to set foot in the ten provinces and three federal territories of Canada. Despite a change of itinerary due to mechanical problems on the road, Thomas managed to visit seven provinces!

3. Practice English

Thomas wanted to take advantage of this experience to improve his English... and he did! The beautiful encounters he had with the locals and other travelers favored exchanges, mutual aid and the enrichment of the human and linguistic dimension of the project.

Thomas particularly remembers Dave, an airplane pilot and aeronautical instructor who helped him repair Hervé. He really appreciated Dave's "solution-oriented" side, and they have remained friends.

Thomas practiced both conversational and technical English on a project with an English-speaking client throughout his journey. Well done!

A destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Henry Miller

What Thomas learned from the trip

It's impossible to share all the experiences Thomas had during his adventure, but here are the main points he remembered:

  • Being a web developer is really great because it allows for a lot of geographic freedom
  • Living and working on the road is very formative
  • And last but not least: Nomadic life allows you to disconnect from social networks, from overconsumption and to reconnect with yourself and the world

We don't travel to escape life, but so that life doesn't escape us.


His favorite

When traveling, there is always a moment that is more magical than the others, a destination that stands out. And often, it's off the beaten path that it happens. For Thomas, it was in Wawa, a small town in Ontario, north of Lake Superior.

He particularly appreciated the beautiful landscapes and the little pleasures of everyday life, like watching a small seaplane take off while sipping his coffee at 5am. And for the little anecdote: he visited the smallest Canadian Tire in Canada!

Waking up alone in a foreign city is one of the best feelings in the world.

Freya Stark

His top 3 cities in Canada


A city on a human scale, dynamic and cosmopolitan. There is always something to do, not to mention the incredible kindness of the inhabitants... and the poutine!


Skyscrapers at the gateway to nature. The rodeo capital of Canada is close to some of the most beautiful provincial and national parks in Canada, such as Banff National Park.


Between the sea, mountains and rainforest, Vancouver's modern skyline is nestled in a stunning setting. Add in an open-minded mentality and a laid-back lifestyle, and you get a sense of paradise. Thomas also really enjoyed the strong Asian culture.

People don't make trips, trips make people.

John Steinbeck

His top 3 national parks in Canada

Jasper National Park

Raw nature, great hiking and fascinating wildlife, including friendly elk.

Pukaskwa National Park

Located above Lake Superior, this little-known park offers beautiful and wild scenery. The rocky shores of the lake are reminiscent of the sea.

Elk National Park

A park distinguished by the imposing presence of the king of the place: the bison.

Back at the office, Thomas is delighted with the success of the Roadmap project. He managed to deliver all his projects on the road while experiencing nomadic life and fulfilling one of his dreams. Mission accomplished!


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