Hoffman's Double Holiday Break

At Hoffman, we believe that a fulfilled employee is a talent that boosts productivity.

We promote talent development and back it up with a healthy dose of motivation!

For this reason, we offer an extra day off for every holiday.

Yes, yes, you heard us right: our employees enjoy long 4-day weekends to enjoy more personal time! We strongly believe that more days off is a guarantee that we will express our full potential in return.

Les activités préférés des employés chez Hoffman

Aller à la boîte aux lettres

Faire une randonnée

Boire un café

Voyager en Irlande

Visiter les alpagas

Chiller à Tremblant

We place the human being at the center of our team management.

That's why it's not the only perk we offer at Hoffman! Find out more about how our talent perfectly balances personal and professional life in another blog post of ours.


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